Wednesday, February 10, 2016


WOWWW!! This past weekend, my best friend in the world turned 50. She was very sad, and down about it..(Even though I kept telling her that it is no big deal..)..Anyway..I have not seen her since I married Nature Boy, and left my hometown of Pensacola, FL...some 14 years ago. We have talked on Facebook, and the phone frequently, but have just let our lives get in the way of "seeing" each other. So..Her husband planned a secret weekend for me, her and her daughter...We have kept it a secret since OCTOBER ...I drove up on Friday, and waited in a parking lot of a grocery store, until her husband asked her to go to the store, (small town..not many grocery stores)..and then he called and said she had left the house..her daughter then went to her house to get her clothes, and things..and I met her at the store. She pulled in the parking spot..and sat there..and sat there...I walked up behind her and stuck my face up to the window. I think she went into shock...hahaha..Then she flung the door open, and started crying...I told her that "I" was her birthday present, and she was to follow me to a hotel up the road, and ask no questions..She kept worrying that she had no toothbrush..etc..I just kept telling her that her husband was going to bring her stuff...So.. once we got the hotel, and in the room...we decided to go down in the in the elevator and when the elevator opened..there stood her daughter!! She had not seen her daughter since Thanksgiving..and she started crying again!!(She obviously cries a lot...)

We had a really good time..did stuff..hung out...went to out to eat on Friday and Saturday nights...I hope she had fun!! It was so good to see her and her daughter, and hang out and be Suzan ..not Suzan the artist..I hope that makes sense..Sometimes we are different than what we was good to have a weekend where art didn't occupy my every thought!!

SO..I came home on Sunday, and Thursday was our wedding anniversary. We decided to go to Tuscaloosa, AL..for the Grand Opening of the new Kentuck building. It is beautiful..and so classy..and the party was wonderful..We had a lot of fun, and got to see my art which is now part of the Kentuck permanent collection (donated by one of my collectors)..Got to see old friends..It was a nice way to celebrate our anniversary!!

We came home on Friday, and Saturday, we went to Mentone, AL and went to the 50th anniversary party of some very special people in our lives!! Watched them renew their vows and saw many people that I have not seen in a long time. There was probably 200 people there..Seven of them did not recognize me..even though they have known me for years...THAT is the best feeling EVER. When you lose weight, you never realize how much you change..I had a blast, and wore polka dotted pants!! I love polka dots..but, the old Suzan would have never, ever wore polka dotted pants out in public!! takes so little to make me happy.

In the art world..I don't know where I am going or doing right now..I'm not painting..and not applying for many shows. I got into a couple of shows so far..but, not sure if I am going or not. I keep waiting for the art thing to hit me again..maybe it will, maybe it won' is no longer as important as it was to me..I'm just in this "been there, done that" mentality...So, we will see....

Live Artfully!

Monday, January 25, 2016


Well..My daughter's dog LUCY had her surgery yesterday, and it was good. They fixed 3 spots in her spine, and though she may not walk normally, it did relieve her of pain, and helped her. Thank you to all the people that donated. We raised $4, 225 dollars towards the $8000 bill!!  Your help is greatly appreciated!! THANK YOU ALL!! The little doggie is still at the vets office, but hopefully gets to come home tomorrow!!

I didn't have a picture of any new art, so I thought I would share my lunch with you..No breakfast, as I don't get hungry until late, I never eat before then. This is typical of my lunches!! I am still on my way of eating (going into my 14th month..) ..and I am never going back. This is nine pieces of pork bacon (none of that gross fake stuff for me)..3 ounces of Monterrey Jack cheese, topped with guacamole and green olives..sprinkled with hot sauce. I also had 2 boiled eggs..but ate those before I went in search of a picture for today's blog post...and while I am showing my food, I will tell you..The other day, I ordered a size 18 pants..I knew they would not fit, but I ordered them, KNOWING that I would one day fit into them...They arrived in the mail, and I tried them on..and LO and BEHOLD..they fit PERFECTLY. Praise the Lord. I have lived for this moment for over a year!! That means since January 2015, I am down 6 or 7 sizes!!! Only a little ways to go!! I do not want to be skinny..but, am aiming for a size 14!! That is all I dream of!!'s a boring winter here..not painting a lot..just relaxing and chilling with Nature Boy...Nothing to say..nothing to write about..(just wanted to let you know how LUCY, the little pug dog was doing..) I hate when people show food online..but, I had nothing else to show...Bear with me, I promise that I will doing some art real soon.

Live Artfully!!

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Good Morning!! This is my daughter, Kimberly, and her dog Lucy..I want to tell you about her.

If you are seriously injured,  bleeding, in a car wreck..SHE WILL TRY HER BEST TO SAVE YOUR LIFE. She will not ask you what you believe in, who you are involved with sexually or romantically, nor will she care about the color of your skin, or even if you are a terrorist or not. If she is not at her "JOB", and you need her help..she will STILL TRY and SAVE your life. She will not ask you if you can pay her, and she won't ask what she will get in return for saving you. She will just do what she has been trained to do, without question, without expectation...without promises. She is an ICU TRAUMA NURSE. She works 2 separate jobs ..almost 80 hours a a nurse. She basically goes home, goes to work, stands on her feet for hours at the time. She doesn't care if her knees and back hurt, if she has a headache, or if she doesn't want to be there. She takes care of her patients..with very little regard to herself.

I remember the first time that I took her into a hospital. She was 3 years old, and her great-grandfather (who raised me, and helped raise her) was dying. I held her little hand, and a nurse stopped me in the hallway, and said that I couldn't have a child up there. I told the nurse that she wanted to say good-bye to her grandfather, and pretty much no one was going to stop that. She looked at the nurse, and said "It will be OK..I'm not scared." She was THREE YEARS OLD. I had explained about the tubes, and what it may look like..and she walked in..climbed up on the rail of his bed...and kissed him for the last time. She did not cry..she was not afraid..

That kind of exemplified her life. She is head strong, and has been since she was very, very little. You could not tell her a thing. If she chose not to listen..she didn't.  She would push my buttons until I was a screaming crazy woman, and just laugh at me. She has basically done what she wanted to, when she wanted to, and nothing could stop her.

Some of her accomplishments --
At 13, she did a History Fair Project..she worked relentlessly for months on it. It went all the way to National Level..Where she took 1ST PLACE IN THE NATION. The project stayed at the SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION for over a year on display. It now resides in the State Building in Florida, on permanent display.

At 12 or 13, She competed in an art contest..won a THOUSAND dollars, and bought her first computer BY HERSELF.

She was accepted into an INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE high school. (I think there are only around 74 in the whole United States).

She paid for her own car, and car insurance since she was 16 years old.

She went to 2 or 3 years to college at University of Alabama Huntsville, before switching to a nursing program.

She worked almost the whole time she was in school. Nothing was ever easy for her..and sometimes she wanted to give up..but she didn't.

Her life growing up was not easy. I was a single mother, and I worked almost every day. Kimberly stayed with my grandmother and my aunts a lot. I was poor, always tired, and I tried to be a good mom, but sometimes I just failed on that point. In spite of her childhood, she grew up to be a smart, funny, sweet, caring human. She is a great example of what kind of adult to be. She works HARD, has never asked anyone for anything, has had NOTHING handed to her. She doesn't care about "things"..and would give you the shirt off of her back if you needed it. She would get out of bed at 3am, and BE THERE if you needed her.

She has tattoos. I do not mean one or two little butterflies on her ankle. I mean she is basically covered from her shoulders to her toes in tats. I cried, I screamed, I threw fits..then I accepted them, and grew to love them. She has Einstein's head in a jar on her thigh..and a library of books behind him, (this represents her love of Science and Reading.) She has flamingos on one of her legs because she is a Florida baby. She has an arm completely done in all things medical for her love of Medicine. These do not make her "less" of a person. She is not a thug, she isn't a bad is just her artistic expression of her life.

She is FUNNY...I do not mean hehehe funny..I mean she could make a living as a stand up comedian funny. She can make you laugh to the point that you are holding your stomach. She has a way with sarcasm and timing that is unrivaled. I can't even think of a cow without laughing out loud..because of ONE LOOK she gave me when we were driving one day, and we saw a cow. If she lets you know that side of her, it is magical.

Then there is LUCY..a wonderful, little PUG dog that belongs to my daughter Kimberly. Lucy has been through hell and back again with Kim. She is a fiery little personality, and they are matched better than most human couples. Lucy is Kim's heart. Her child, her fur-baby. OUT OF THE BLUE, something went wrong with Lucy, and she needs surgery SOON, or she will be crippled, and in pain for life.

My daughter just started a new job. She is a TRAVELING NURSE, and changes jobs every 13 weeks. If this had happened to Lucy a month or so ago, Kimberly would have had money to handle it without help. If this had happened then,  I would have had money to help her with it, or paid for it. But, I don't..I used all my money to pay the bills ahead so that we can survive this winter. (Because I wear that "starving artist" T-shirt proudly)..Winters are tight for us..but, I gave my daughter what I had. IF THIS COULD BE PUT OFF A MONTH, we could get the money up..but, it has to be NOW. SOON. IF THEY ARE GOING TO SAVE LUCY'S LEGS..TIME IS THE PROBLEM.

PLEASE..PLEASE..PLEASE..Click HERE to help Kimberly and Lucy. I am not asking for hundreds..FIVE or TEN dollars will help. If you can't help..then PLEASE SHARE THE LINK so maybe someone will. We have generated enough for the pre-OP MRI..and still need to cover the surgery. Any one of you that know me, knows I would help you all in any way I could...anytime with anything. I hope you'll do the same for my child. Thank you for reading this, and for getting to know Kimberly a bit.

Love, Suzan

Live Artfully!!

Saturday, January 2, 2016


NEW for 2016!! WOODLAND ANIMALS..Meet Rocky Raccoon (and coming soon, his brother Ricky..)..along with squirrels, mice, possums, armadillos, deer, bear, and bunnies ...and MANY more!!
He is 8 x 8 x 2..on a cradled wood panel.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Wow!! Yesterday was a gloriously beautiful day!! It has rained for days..a lot of flooding across the US..Some serious damage, and more than a few deaths due to the floods. I am so grateful that I live high up on a mountain top, but even here..there was standing water in my yard. I know we need rain, but when it's that much's crazy..I hope the sun comes out for a while, and blesses us with warmth, and bright days.

We took full advantage of the gorgeous day, and went on a short road trip..I bought my FIRST Mona B purse/messenger bag. If you don't know the brand..Google it..They are awesome!! They look old and worn, and leathery..and are just perfection. I don't own a lot of purses..maybe 3, and the one I bought is big, and perfect to carry a sketchbook in when I travel to do shows!! I love it..

How many of you play on Pinterest?? I had to do a major self-intervention on my Pinterest account. I just randomly deleted over 100 boards..It's a sickness, I'm telling you..Like electronic hoarding or something...I'm slowly but surely weaning myself off of the internet. It's a total time sucker...I've got a couple of things on the table, and am going to have to force myself to paint MORE..especially if they pan out..So..good-bye Pinterest..I will still visit..but, I can no longer live there..hehehehe.

That is all..I got all of my commission pieces done before Christmas, and got 4 more, back to the wonderful grindstone that is my life.

Live Artfully!

Monday, December 21, 2015


Well..that time is upon us..Christmas is in 4 days. It blows my mind that this year is almost over. I wish all of you a Happy Holiday Season, and for my friends and family that are of the Christian faith--Merry Christmas!! I hope it is a great one for you!!

When my daughter went off to college, I asked my husband if it was ok if I did not decorate for Christmas..and he was all for it. So..The season has no stress for me. I do not have to cook for anyone other than Nature Boy and myself...I do not have to fight the malls, and shops. I buy myself what I want, and there is no other pressure. We do not give gifts, and basically we have a normal day, and celebrate our religious belief on Christmas Day. We thank God for what he has given us, and we go see Nature Boys kids, and family..Basically, a relaxed day of thought and prayer. However you choose to spend your day, I hope it brings you blessings and peace.

I have to paint a couple of more paintings tonight to show my collector in Chattanooga. All commission pieces are done, and shipped..It took me two trips to get all of them to the post office...but, we made it.. I spent almost $500 in postage alone..I've never shipped so many paintings. (Thank the Lord)!  I did not photograph many of them..I have gotten very slack about doing that..and plan in 2016 to get back in the habit of photographing ALL of my work...and documenting all of it..and sharing it on the social media sights. I missed sharing a LOT of pieces this past year. I've become lazy, and have been slacking. Since I am doing very few shows in 2016, I hope to have time to "DO" some things...I'm excited at being to a point where it's not all about the money. I would like to do over 400 original "designs" this year. I have a book of sketches that I have been working on daily..But, anyway..for least a week or two..I'm going to some books (which I have missed like the flowers miss the rain..) some movies..redo the studio..clean the house..and basically enjoy life. THAT will be the best Christmas present to get.  TIME to think, renew, and show gratitude for this wonderful life that I have been given.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!
Live Artfully!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Well..I'm back at it..between all the Christmas commissions, and packing..I have done a few pages in a new "journal" I plan on painting the entire book, then starting at the beginning, and writing on the pages..I'm painting very fast on these..30 minutes or less..and just not caring one way or the other.

I am in one of the happiest places that I could possibly be right now. I've rested since Kentuck was over..just worked on whatever makes me happy, and commissions for Christmas. I have freely painted and done whatever I have wanted...I've played A LOT of Angry Birds.. I LOVE Angry Birds..I think I have 8 or 9 different games on my phone.

I am FREE FREE FREE until at least April..That means that I can paint what I want..and do nothing if I want. I paid the bills ahead for 3 months, and I have everything I need or want..and all I will have to buy is groceries, but even those for the time are stockpiled ..It completely freaks the store clerks out when I go grocery shopping..they always assume that I have 20 people to feed. To give you an idea of how I do it..I bought meat in late Oct...and will not need to buy more for at least another month...hahhaha..

Anyway..the only downside to this matter is ..Nature Boy MAY go crazy..let's just hope we do not have a scene from "THE SHINING"...Poor man..he is bored silly already..I keep trying and talking him into painting or doing something that doesn't require him to be outside...He likes being out there, but I am sure that it's going to get cold eventually.

Time to heat dinner up..(I only cook one day a week!)..Live Artfully!!

Thursday, December 10, 2015


Well..a few days ago, I turned 51!! YAY!! Another year under my belt. This was the best year ever, and I am so grateful for the entire year! I gave myself several hundred dollars to "play" with for my birthday, and went on Ebay, and bought a lot of new clothes!! Most of them were new with tags..some fit perfectly (most of them)..NONE were too small. (ONE was a regular XL, and it FIT!! WOOHOOOO!!! Two of them were too big, but will make great over-shirts!! I got 8 sterling silver Navajo/Zuni rings (all signed by the artist)..I ADORE THEM..I got some jewelry..and I bought myself a set of 10 little "penny" dolls to add to my collection, and 3 pair of knitted leggings lined with flannel...My favorite pieces are the long, hooded coat. It's linen, fully lined, and EXQUISITE...Made by J. Jill..(the best clothes ever!!), and I also love the long mustard yellow sweater..The boots are wonderful, and it tickles me that my ankles are small enough now for boots. Those are  my 3rd pair of boots. I LOVE boots, and after having cankles (where your calf and your ankle is the same size) for 10 years, I'm so happy that I finally can fit into boots..(small things make me happy)!

I have 3 more commission pieces to finish out this year before Christmas, and a pile to ship, and I will be done!! I mailed out so many last week that we had to use a dolly to get them to the post office..I am very grateful that work has been PHENOMENAL!! Thank you to everyone that purchased from me. On the 15th, I'm showing to a couple of collectors in Chattanooga..and again, I will be DONE. I am so excited to be able to 1. Fix the studio up, and 2. Be able to paint my heart out until my first show in APRIL. I'm not applying to a ton of shows this year. I want to create fresh new art..and work on changing my styles a bit. I have already got stacks of panels to work on, and plan to buy a pile more next week...What more could I ask for ?? Life is good!

I will make sure that I share my studio redo (not buying anything new..just working on the old) should be fun. I can't decide whether I want to get rid of my pink and purple walls though..or keep them...I think I might paint them all white..and all the furniture white...but, we'll see. my birthday week has been GREAT, hope you enjoyed me sharing my "presents" with you..I will be returning to art soon..Live Artfully!!

Friday, November 27, 2015


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Our day was nice..Nature Boy and I went to his sister's house for T-day, and I fasted..and it felt good. I decided not to eat today to remember those less fortunate than I am, those who went hungry, for those who do not have what I have.

I spent the day, silently thinking of all the things that I was grateful for. I am so fortunate..and grateful that I have plenty, and do not need much.

We just got back from a week in Georgia. We spent the week at a friend's house watching their 2 Corgi dogs..They were awesome! I missed them today..(our first day back home). It was fun and refreshing to be out of my own house! They also bought me a beautiful eco-dyed scarf..dyed with eucalyptus leaves. It is GORGEOUS..and a necklace with a large quartz thingie on it..They were beautiful gifts.

On the weight loss front..I've got 55 more pounds to lose. That is a very long way from where I was in 2012...when I was approx. 173 pounds away from where I wanted to be. I used to have a friend, and we would sit in a "group" on Facebook..she was my weight loss "buddy"..We did not do very well, and she turned out to be really C.R.A.Z.Y....I'm so grateful that I ended that toxic relationship, and got my weight loss straightened out. It probably would not have taken me so long to lose weight if it had not been for me listening to her ...sheesh..some people! Since January 2015 though, I'm down around 80 pounds.

My daughter called me today..Love hearing her voice. So happy that she is back from her 5 week vacation all over Europe!! Saw one of Chuck's daughters, and 2 of his grandkids also..made for a good day!!'s late..and I'm going to paint for awhile...Live Artfully!

Monday, November 16, 2015


Hello! About three days ago, I tried to paint a Scottish Terrier...(bottom pic)..then today..I kept trying. The top one is the latest, and looks more like I wanted it to. Black dogs are HARD to paint. At least they all look different..haha..Sheesh..Ok..back to work!!

Live Artfully!


Looking for art journaling quotes today..found some good ones on


To talk with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about one's achievements, possessions, or abilities.

“Perhaps the less we have, the more we are required to brag.”
John Steinbeck, East of Eden

“When heard someone's boasting,
I could smell sh*t of bull from afar.”
Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

“He thinks the sun comes up just to hear him crow.”
Charles Martin, Chasing Fireflies

“Quoting an old proverb: "An empty cart rattles loudly." she said. meaning, One who lacks substance boasts loudest.”
Alan Brennert, Honolulu

“Special ops (fill in with any word...people, artist, Queens..etc.) have earned the right to boast and don’t; you’re just a wannabee, which is why you do.”
Donna Lynn Hope

“Who knows himself a braggart, let him fear this, for it will come to pass that every braggart shall be found an a$$.”
William Shakespeare, The Complete Works

Live Artfully.

Friday, October 23, 2015


WOW!!! What a FANTASTIC FALL SHOW SEASON. Above, you will see what I have left..(Not including Nature Boy's pieces or the fabulous art people that we do)... I had a few more pieces, but they are in the Kentuck Gallery in Northport, AL. But..this is all the paintings that I have. I had 73 paintings at, it was a more than fabulous show!! We had the best time there this year. My attitude was so different, and I think that is due to my weight loss. I felt great..Saturday, I even wore boots with heels..ALL DAY. I felt like a million dollars!! It helped also that the weather was PERFECT..God obviously smiled on all of us this year. It wasn't hot or cold..The sun was bright, but not too hot..It was simply glorious.

I participated in the ARTIST IN SCHOOLS this year, so we came in on Thursday, and we set our tent up..and then Friday morning, we all met at Kentuck Park, and met our escorts, and they took us to the school. I went to MLK Elementary, and had 3 classes of about 18 children each. We had fun!! The kids were great!! We made art..and had a blast. Then we went back to Kentuck Park for a catered lunch for us. It was so nice of Kentuck to do all these things for us! After lunch, Nature Boy and I went back to our tent, and hung everything.

Saturday and Sunday brought a whole bunch of friends, collectors (new and old), and I got to see so many people that I normally do not get to see. I pretty much stayed in my booth all day, and the only thing I brought home from the show  was two beautiful torched glass fish pendants from a couple called Molten Glass Designs. You can check them out HERE. One is a blowfish with the cutest face, and beach sand inside it...Both pieces make me think of my home in Florida (born and raised there)...and I absolutely LOVE them. I am going to send them off to a jewelry making friend, and have a customized necklace done with a Florida theme...Which will combine my love of two friends excited!!

Before Kentuck, we did Bluff Park, in Birmingham, AL. Bluff Park is one of my favorite shows, and I truly like the fact that artist have to have original art. They allow NO prints, and NO reproductions..It is always a high quality show, and keeps out those artist that paint the same painting over and over and over. At Bluff Park this year, it was COLD and RAINY, but the customers still came out in full force. They have such a great customer support base...and with umbrellas, and coats on..they came. I was really low on art at this show, and should have been better prepared..but, we did ok. It was the first time in my artist career that I actually hoped I wouldn't sell anything..hahaahahah. I did sell a few pieces..but, nothing like usual. But, the show was great, and I made a couple of new friends, and some of my old friends were there, doing the show for the first time.

Before Bluff Park, we did a show in Decatur, Alabama called River Clay. It was a first year show, and I didn't have any high expectations of it..BOY WAS I SHOCKED. River Clay was SUPERB!! They had guys to help us unload, or put up the tent..or anything we needed. We were treated like royalty!!  It was drizzling rain all day, but we almost sold out of everything. They threw a party for us on one of the nights, and though I did not go (we had a long drive home), all the artist were talking about how good the food was, and how NICE it was!! I sold so much art rivaled ALL the shows I have done...amazingly run, and good money was made..You cannot beat that!!

So...we did four isn't worth mentioning, so I won't. It has rained on us at EVERY show this entire year, except for Kentuck. One show we had about 8 inches of water in our tent, and people still were out buying art..It has been a great year, and I THANK all of the people who supported and loved my art this year!! Without you all, this life would be worthless!! I'm so very grateful for ALL of you!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Live Artfully!!

Monday, October 5, 2015


Well, River Clay is a thing of the past, as is Bluff Park..both shows were fun this year..Both shows got rained on..River Clay was of my best shows EVER..and I just did not have enough work to make money at Bluff Park..and I was actually praying to not sell ANYTHING..but, even with the cold and the rain at Bluff Park..customers came out..They actually do have the best supporters of the show! But, those are behind me, and it's time to get ready for KENTUCK!! I don't have enough art, so I may have to paint about 38 hours A DAY..LOL..don't know how I am going to pull this one off..but, I will with the Good Lord's help.

I got new jewelry at both shows. I will show it when I have time to stop and do so...I have a lot to say about both shows..but, I will wait until after Kentuck is over, and tell you about all 3. The thing though that I love MOST about Bluff Park...artist are not allowed to have multiples of the same old crap. No multiples, and no crap. I wish all shows would adopt this policy!! Anyway...

Live Artfully!!