Tuesday, November 18, 2014


You can order my art on pillows, clocks, laptop covers, greeting cards, iphone covers, etc...


Sunday, November 9, 2014


Happy SUNDAY!! Today, I have spent most of the day preparing images for uploading to Society 6. You can now get my art as prints, or on pillows, clocks, phone cases..etc!! I have only started to upload, and only got as far as a couple of months into 2010..so, you will see some oldies, but goodies!!! Just send me a note if there are any that you want up before Christmas.

I do have some friends that have ordered pillows from Society 6 -- and they are HAPPY with the quality of the material, and with the art reproduction..and anything that you are not happy with, you may send back for a refund!!


I hope you enjoy this!! They make great presents!!

Live Artfully!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Thank you to the Planet Weekly for using my artwork for the cover of this week's issue!!! You can get a copy of this in Northport or Tuscaloosa this week!

We are ready for a big show at Kentuck this week!!

Live Artfully!!

Monday, October 13, 2014


Well..after months of being afraid to put paint on someone's guitar, I FINALLY did it yesterday. I have stared at this instrument for months..and so scared that I would mess it up, and not have the knowledge to fix it...BUT--I have to deliver this piece back to it's owners in a week at the KENTUCK ART SHOW..so, I did it. I was going for a vintage-y, organic look..to fit with the owner (who is a friend of mine), and I think that I achieved that. The top picture is before I added the little red bird on top of the neck..but, all in all ...I am happy with it. Hope you all like it...I have to go back to work now...busy, busy..preparing for the show.

Live Artfully!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Wow..Time flies when you are having fun! I'm down to the last two shows of the season, after having done Monte Sano Art Show in Huntsville, AL this past weekend. It was a great show! I sold a lot of medium and small paintings, and one 36 x 36!! I had to deliver it, because it would not fit into the man's car!

I had a solo exhibit at Kamama's Gallery in Mentone that lasted 2 weeks (in July), and other than getting ready for Monte Sano Art Show (Huntsville,AL), Bluff Park Art Show (Birmingham, AL -- Oct. 4th, 2015), and KENTUCK (Northport, AL -- Oct. 18th and 19th)..I haven't been doing too much.

I spent some time helping one of my oldest and dearest friends find a house. He ended up buying a beautiful large house in Ft. Payne, AL. I am very excited about his plans for it, and how it is going to involve art. (Think Collaboration between him and I)!!  I am trying to work out something that will allow me to NOT have to do so many shows per a year. I want to cut it back to no more than 5 next year. It is just really hard on Chuck and I, and I do not enjoy doing them. I have some donations that I was to paint up, and actually I want to start "giving back" to the art community..so, we have some plans, but for right now, that is what they are..just plans.

I was featured in the 2014 Fall issue of LOOKOUT ALABAMA MAGAZINE!! It was a wonderful article! They titled it "BETWEEN FOLK AND FINE" because of a quote that one of my friends/collectors said about my art. If you would like a copy, or to read it online, just click the link above, and you can subscribe for an entire year (LOTS of good articles) for $8.95. It is well worth the subscription--Not only to read my article, but to see all the beauty and activity in this area! It is sure to make you want to move here.

Also--The children's book--"THE GRINNIN' POSSUM", written by Ray Padgett of Mentone, AL, is at the printers. It should be out in a few weeks!! I am VERY EXCITED about this--it turned out absolutely beautiful! I will let you all know when it is out, and published for sale!

The other thing that I want to share with you..I HAVE STARTED PAINTING BIG!! By big, I mean 36 x 36. It is SO LIBERATING!! I found a great deal on that size canvas..and bought a few..and I LOVE IT. I have already sold 5 in that size--and I would have had to paint many, many smaller pieces to make the same money..so I AM LOVING, LOVING, LOVING IT!!! If you are intimidated by large painting..TRY IT. It is a whole different world!!

I am looking forward to 2015! Especially since it's barely 3 months away. (HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE??) I would like to return to journaling, and maybe (a BIG MAYBE) some online classes for you all. I would LOVE to see a revival of BLOGGING! I think Facebook is at it's downhill slide..and I really miss blogging. You can do so much more with it!! Anyway..I am also going to concentrate on series, instead of one painting in one style..I will take a theme, and play it out, push it, and reinvent it. The other thing that I REALLY want in 2015 is to spend more time with my family in Florida, and see my daughter more. So, maybe I will be able to travel a bit, and enjoy life, instead of working, working, working...(Not that I mind working)...but, well..my family is not going to around forever.

So..That is all...I'm now caught up. Live Artfully!!

Much Love, Suzan